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We are a group of tech nerds that came together to form the first company that will build an awesome brand that represents every new and future innovations to come. We strive to provide the best of the best latest technologies that are hot and newly released in this ever changing digital market. We want to become the leaders and grow into a brand globally recognized for providing the hottest gadgets available to you now. Our mission is to create a tech platform where all future innovators and entrepreneurs alike, can come together to pave the way to the newest trends of our future!

EXTREME 3X is specially designed with the thought of Modern Innovations plus convenience and portability all combined!

This newest technology allows you to easily commute to any destination in style that is designed to turn heads! The innovation allows us to reach a top speed of 18MPH while maxing out at a 15 mile range destination. The digital dashboard LED displays a futuristic version of miles and charge. You can easily fold this E-Bike in seconds two way for easy transport and three folds for easy storage. Because we assemble each order after purchase, please allow up to 30 days for your order to pass customs and be delivered to your door.

We absolutely love questions, comments and all feed back... feel free to contact us any time!

James Garvey